Check out the beautiful video for our forthcoming single ‘Persephone’ exclusively on Prog.

The single, which is released on April 23 on Eightspace Records, is taken from the our recently released album Dreamers Don’t Come Down.

“I was thinking about the awful dark shadow that was about to envelop the UK and felt sadness for the families who were losing loved ones and not able to be present,” says singer Farrah West. “I am aware of people who, facing death but living to tell the tale, have spoken of it as an actual person willing them on their final journey. I wanted to tell the story of the shadow looming, but to seek out and focus on the light rather than the darkness. We were thinking about how to talk about death without using the actual word and settled on Persephone, who was the unwilling wife of Hades and the queen of the underworld in Greek mythology. It seemed a slightly more poetic way of singing about the topic.”

She continues: “Rich had a piece of music that seemed a bit too jolly for such a serious set of lyrics, but actually turned out to be perfect and stopped the whole song sounding morbid. I call it the jaunty song about death but it has this amazing energy to it and I really can’t wait to play it live.”

Dreamers Don’t Come Down is available on CD and as a digital download. A vinyl version is available through Plane Groovy Records.

Winter’s End Festival have sadly announced the inevitable postponement of their 2021 event which was due to take place in Chepstow next month. The festival has been rescheduled for 2022 but League Of Lights have declined the offer to take part due to logistical issues. We wish the organisers Huw and Stephen every success and hope to have more League tour dates scheduled soon.

We are sorry to announce that League Of Lights are unable to take part in the next virtual edition of Fusion Festival on 24 April. This is because Richard is currently looking after his Father while he recovers from an illness and will not be back home in time to film the duo’s performance for the festival.

We hope you’ll all watch the festival anyway and we look forward to performing again soon.

Today is the day that we’ve been waiting for. We are really happy to share our album Dreamers Don’t Come Down with you. We hope you have enjoyed the singles that we’ve released so far.

Dreamers Don’t Come Down is out on CD and all digital platforms today. There is still a little wait for the vinyl, due to Covid and various staffing issues the vinyl has been delayed, but if you have pre-ordered from Burning Shed in black vinyl or limited edition purple it will be with you on 23 April.

We hope you love the album, we put everything into it. It was a total joy to make and we hope that it shows.

More information

We’re happy to let you know that we’ll be back at Fusion Festival on 24th April to perform a couple of tracks from our forthcoming album Dreamers Don’t Come Down.

The virtual event, entitled Fusion – Light At The End Of The Tunnel Edition, will take place on 24th April 2021 @ 7.00pm BST on YouTube, raising money and awareness for the charities Mind and Samaritans.

For more information visit