Winter’s End Festival have sadly announced the inevitable postponement of their 2021 event which was due to take place in Chepstow next month. The festival has been rescheduled for 2022 but League Of Lights have declined the offer to take part due to logistical issues. We wish the organisers Huw and Stephen every success and hope to have more League tour dates scheduled soon.

Today is the day that we’ve been waiting for. We are really happy to share our album Dreamers Don’t Come Down with you. We hope you have enjoyed the singles that we’ve released so far.

Dreamers Don’t Come Down is out on CD and all digital platforms today. There is still a little wait for the vinyl, due to Covid and various staffing issues the vinyl has been delayed, but if you have pre-ordered from Burning Shed in black vinyl or limited edition purple it will be with you on 23 April.

We hope you love the album, we put everything into it. It was a total joy to make and we hope that it shows.

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League of Lights - Modern Living

We’re excited to let you know that our brand new single Modern Living will be released on 29 January.

It’s taken from our forthcoming album Dreamers Don’t Come Down. It’s undoubtedly the poppiest song on the album, it’s still got our League sound but with a slightly different direction in terms of writing and production. An Animé-styled video to accompany it will also be released on 29 January. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Dreamers Don’t Come Down will be released on 12 March (vinyl editions on 23 April) and is available for pre-order from Burning Shed.

We’re pleased to announce that our forthcoming album Dreamers Don’t Come Down will now also be released on vinyl by the Plane Groovy label.

The limited edition 180g purple vinyl pressing will include a signed insert, and the album will also be available as 180g black vinyl, CD and digital formats.

“I’ve had a secret longing for this album to come out on vinyl”, admits Richard West. “Released in 2021, containing a song called Twenty Twenty One, and rather unusually the running time for each side of the album is 20:21, so it just had to be done!”

Dreamers Don’t Come Down is available to pre-order now from Burning Shed.

It’s out today – our brand new single Twenty Twenty One. We hope that you love it as much as we do! It’s taken from our forthcoming album Dreamers Don’t Come Down which is available to pre-order here.

You can also download the single as a high-resolution FLAC file from Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.

“In April 2019, we were driving to Cornwall in the south west of England for a short break away. As usual, Rich’s head was full of a song that he was writing. It was called Twenty Twenty One, which then seemed such a long way off. We didn’t think too much more about it other than when he told me the lyrics, I thought they could do with cheering up a bit. The lyrics sounded a bit dark – little did I know what was to come during 2020. We recorded the song in April 2020 and I still wanted to give the song a bit more of a happy feel. But lockdown had started and the lyrics seemed like they had a prophetic feel. Sometimes songs are crafted, worked at, reworked and tweaked. Some seem given, like a gift. Twenty Twenty One fell into the second category and so it stayed exactly as written in 2019.” – Farrah x

League of Lights - Twenty Twenty One

League of Lights - Twenty Twenty One

This is the beautiful cover for our new single Twenty Twenty One which is out on Friday.

“There is a story behind the fireworks image. When Rich first wrote Twenty Twenty One we thought it would be the perfect track to accompany the London 2020 New Year fireworks. Once the song was recorded we submitted it for inclusion in the soundtrack. We got a positive response from the organisers and it really spurred us on with the recording of the album. Eventually the fireworks were cancelled for New Year this year and though we were disappointed we couldn’t complain, they really helped us along. We thought the cover was the perfect reminder of how we got to this point!” – Farrah x